Online consultation

For parents who choose flexibility, prefer to learn babywearing in the comfort of their home at their own pace

Personal approach

Classes are very personal. They consider your situation and babywearing needs.


During the class you can stop and schedule a babywearing session on another date.

Ongoing support

You will get support until you are ready to wear your baby confidently and safely.

Comfort of your home

No need to drive with your baby, you can enjoy you learning in the comfort and privacy of your own place.

How it works

Contact Veronica

Let me learn about your specific situation by answering my questions

Schedule consultation

We will agree on specific date and time

Meet online

One or more babywearing classes conducted via Skype, Zoom or FaceTime

Follow up

You will be provided with follow up information and ongoing support for as long as you need

Bump 2 Baby

This package is designed in 2 parts and would be ideal as a gift to expectant parents or for parents wanting to get to grips with babywearing from the start.

Babywearing Beginner

This package is designed in 2 parts and would be ideal for parents of the small baby ready to start babywearing, but in need for support and encouragement.

Experienced Learner

An hour long sling learning suitable for parents who are familiar with babywearing and wish to learn a new carrier or a new carrying method.

Sling Research

Why to spend time on endless research and money on something you may never use. Your babywearing consultant is here to help your make your best choice!

Babywearing & Breastfeeding

For mums who got a good grip on babywearing and breastfeeding and need some help with joining these inseparable skills.

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