Making Babywearing Simple

Discover babywearing - amazingly simple way to meet your and your baby's needs

Here you can

by understanding the benefits, the physiological & psychological aspects, safety and more…

by learning about different types of carriers and narrowing your choices down to the carrier that is most comfortable and suits your needs best

by learning step-by-step techniques applicable to your carrier, body type and babywearing situations


by sharing your progress, getting constant support and feedback to your queries

I am Veronica, a certified babywearing consultant, a mum of four, and a friend of mums.

"One of my favorite parts of teaching babywearing is making it simple and easy".

So many parents get physically and emotionally overwhelmed right after their baby is born, so many feel like they’re not able to cope with their daily duties and unable to meet the needs of their family members as well as their own. So many feel the guilt of having to ask someone to care for their baby in order to meet other priorities.

So many parents and caregivers know about babywearing and own a sling, but never really use it. They may be unsure about the safety, experience back ache due to the wrong positioning or they end up with the baby crying in the sling.

Are you one of those mums and dads?

More than 10 years of practicing babywearing and numerous professional consultations gave me the power of providing you with that exact piece of advice or a little fine tuning trick that will help you wear your baby safely and confidently.

Services offered

Baby in the ring sling with mum in the kitchen

Babywearing consultations, advice and support provide online.

Baby ring slings display

Tailored face-to-face consultations in the comfort of your home.

Babywearing consultant

Selection of different baby carriers for you to try and test.

Results you can expect

Eleni Antoniou

Veronica is a wonderful human being and someone who believed in me even when I was adamant about my inability to carry my baby in a sling. She guided me and made everyday life possible with my third baby attached to me. Honestly there is nothing you can't do when you have a sling.

Eleni Antoniou
Starodubtseva Elizaveta

Thank you very much for the consultations on using the sling, everything was strait forward and very well explained. Veronica showed by her own example shows how much mom's life is simplified with the use of a sling!

Starodubtseva Elizaveta
Mart-Mari Walker

I got a sling for my baby when she was 4 weeks old and its amazing! Veronica came to do a presentation/workshop and it was really good. I was sold!! I managed to bake and cook and clean the house while my baby was sound asleep while wearing her! Veronica has also been a great support and help throughout. Highly recommended!!

Mart-Mari Walker
Mia Koroua

"I gained so much confidence in my ability to connect and deepen my relationships with people. It’s amazing how much easier it has been to meet new people and create instant connections. I have the exact same personality, the only thing that has changed is my mindset and a few behaviors."

Mia Koroua
Olga Petrova

Before the consultation with Veronica I had doubts that you can learn babywearing remotely, but it actually turned out really well! I am especially grateful for the support which is not only informational, but also moral 🙂 Veronica knows how to cheer up and instill confidence, so important for the young mom!

Olga Petrova

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