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Babywearing in the Times of Corona Virus

With all the measures already taken by the parents in order to protect themselves and their children from coronavirus, babywearing parents can enjoy few added bonuses.

Сarrying your baby close is likely to lessen the chances of them coming into contact with germs and viruses that their delicate systems cannot yet handle and here is why.

Benefits of Babywearing

Babies, and humans in general, need to be touched in a loving, reassuring, comforting way. Full-on attachment is probably ideal, in a perfect world – but don’t beat yourself up if you can’t. It’s not a perfect world… Nevertheless, you don’t necessarily need to follow an “all or nothing” approach. You can still carry your baby as often as you can and as much as you feel like in your personal circumstances to feel lots of real benefits.

10 Ways Babywearing Can Help

Babywearing provides an amazing opportunity for Western world mums to transition naturally from pre-baby life to motherhood. This is because mums can learn to carry on with their daily routines and social activities while wearing their babies in the sling

They can do shopping, cleaning and cooking, go out for a dinner, go to movies or a concert while carrying their newborn. They can even catch up on their sleep much easier which adds to their emotional and physical well-being. Most importantly, they will not end up feeling over-whelmed and anti-social. Baby wearing will help new mums stay calm and enjoy new life with the baby.

Why you need a babywearing consultant?

Nowadays this essential skill has been forgotten and new mums need to get acquainted and master it from scratch. Like with most skills, acquiring it takes time, patience, practice and some guidance.

This guidance can be obtained from the on-line videos, peer to peer support at sling meets or from a qualified baby carrying consultant.

Babywearing & breastfeeding

Ideally, mum should have the opportunity to spend the first few weeks after giving birth breastfeeding skin-to-skin, bonding with her baby and recovering. Even if this is the case, sooner or later, most mums face the need to return to their daily lives, which may include caring for an older child, completing every-day chores and sometimes even returning to work. Furthermore, now they need to include baby in their lives.

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