My Story

As a mum of four I faced all those difficulties which new and not so new mums usually encounter: not having enough energy, time and sleep, trying to keep everyone happy and stay sane, keeping up with my career and personal goals while aiming to be a perfect mum and a perfect wife. During those years I found that many problems can be solved either by changing my attitude to a more positive one or with the help of some good practical solutions. This is when I discovered babywearing and it was both - positive and practical. I started off my journey with the ring as it was simple, fully adjustable, comfortable and elegant. I did not realize back then that baby wearing is a skill that needs to be acquired with patience and persistence. I did not expect that there will be a learning curve with its ups and downs. There were no YouTube videos back then. My only learning materials were the printed instruction and a couple of web articles. I tried wearing my daughter daily despite all the challenges till it became a natural and essential part of my life as a mum.
When my fourth baby was born I sewed my first ring slings. I gave most of them out as presents to my friends and truly enjoyed introducing them into the world of babywearing. I never considered sling as a garment or another baby item. Instead I looked at it as a statement of motherhood, a journey and a bonding experience. Soon I realized that my true passion was not only making unique, personalized slings, but helping mums have a positive start on their babywearing journey. Most of all I enjoyed giving them confidence and support, helping them make small steps towards a life time goal of building a strong bond with their babies. At this moment, I am a mum of four and just about to complete my own baby wearing journey, but the desire to pass this skill, help more mums experience positive motherhood more babies grow in a gentle and nurturing way is still with me. I have done thousands of hours babywearing and became a certified baby wearing consultant, but most important is that I love what I do and I still have a very long way to go …
Veronica Toliati
From then on babywearing has always been one of those little solutions, which had a huge impact on me and my babies’ wellbeing. Lots of things that were so frustrating or seemingly impossible became realistic and even enjoyable. With my second and third baby, I was already an experienced mum, but I was still discovering lots of new and very inspiring ways babywearing could help me. Most importantly I noticed how smoothly I transitioned from being pregnant to taking care of the newborn, how I managed through the tough times with my babies’ colics, teething, separation anxiety and other turmoil. I realized how baby wearing helped me keep my family united and our family life all-embracing. I loved discovering new slings and trying different positions. While learning new techniques I appreciated the challenges as knew they will provide me with the new degrees of freedom.

Behind MyKroshka

“Kroshka” means “crumble” in Russian. “Sweet little crumbles” is how we call our babies and it reflects the tenderness and a special bond between a parent and a child. This is how at MyKroshka we look at motherhood. My aim is to help you develop a lifetime bond through positive babywearing experience. This is why I look at each parent and each baby as individual with unique body, character, situation and need. Once you meet I will guide you and provide you with all the support you may need throughout your entire babywearing journey.
Every baby is special
Every mum is unique,

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