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Carrying your newborn or older baby in a sling – or ‘babywearing’ as it is also known – is a fantastic way of bonding with your child, not to mention a very practical means of transporting them. But with a huge array of slings on the market, it can be hard to know which to choose: how do you know which one will suit you and your baby best?
It may be that your partner or your baby’s care giver should be able to use it as well or perhaps you or your baby have special needs which require careful choice of the carrier for the safety or other reasons. Why to spend time on endless research and money on something you may never use. Your babywearing consultant is here to help your make your best choice!

You will learn about

Baby psychology & physiology

You will learn about the baby's development milestones and about babywearing in the context of those changes.

Babywearing safety

Safety is an extremely important issue when it comes to wearing a small baby. You will learn to position your baby in a safe and physiologically correct way.

Types of baby carriers

It is easy to get lost in a vast variaty of choice of baby carriers. I will narrow it down for you and will direct your choice to the carries that will serve you best.

Your chosen sling

I will suggest a few brands that offer your chosen type of carrier. I will contact the supplier with any questions making sure you get to know all you need in order to make your final decision.

How it works?

  • You can book the Skype consultation so that you and your babywearing consultant have a chance to discuss your situation and needs.
  • Following the Skype meeting you will receive a written outline of the main points discussed.
  • After a week or so a written comparison of 2-3 alternative carriers and their characteristics / prices and purchasing options will be presented to you.
  • Once you purchase the sling, you can get extra support with the regular follow-up on your progress and more useful advice or purchase a tailored consultation on using your chosen carrier.

A Few Reasons Why You Should Choose MyKroshka

  • Personal approach

  • Ongoing support
  • Flexibility


When can I start wearing my baby?
Generally speaking you can start wearing your baby right from birth. Technically speaking – it depends on the carrier type. Most versatile carriers to be used right from birth are a ring sling and a wrap (woven or stretchy).
Can I split the consultation into several parts?
Each consulation is approximately one hour long. If during the session you or your baby feel like you need to stop, you can do so by scheduling a consultation on a different date / time. Each session can be broken into maximu two parts.

This option applies to online consultations only.
Can I break during the consultation?
By all means! You take a short (5-10 minutes) break if your need to attend to your baby. You can also watch the demonstration while breastfeeding your baby, rocking your baby to sleep or whatever you and your baby feel comfortable doing.
What happens after the consultation ?
After each session you will be contacted by your babywearing consultant – first with some information related to what has been covered during the consultation. Then with the regular follow-up on your progress and more useful advice. In the meantime, you are always welcome to send photos with you and your baby in the sling and ask any questions.

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