Kate's Babywearing Story

It was almost three years ago when I started taking serious steps as a babywearing educator. The first step was my trip to the UK with my little baby Fyodor in order to obtain certification by the School of Babywearing UK. Second, even more important step, was to spread the word about babywearing in Cyprus. I have organized my first few babywearing workshops, and this is where I met Kate…

Kate was then approaching the end of her first pregnancy. I noticed her curious and quiet nature and it strongly appealed to me. She listened carefully and observed every step of my instruction as I was showing how to operate a tediously lengthy fabric with two rings. The whole experience of carrying a baby in the sling probably seemed quite senseless to her back then, when a huge change in her life was yet to happen, but she was nevertheless set on her intention to learn.
Kate was committed. She progressed steadily and confidently. Always full of curiosity, she asked me questions and implemented the answers with persistence and determination. She soon gained confidence and after a few months asked me to recommend a buckle carrier for her son. I researched the few options available on the market and provided her with the result – a detailed comparison of various carriers. She ordered two different slings from Sakura Bloom.

We kept in touch and met a few times since then. Kate worked, traveled and used her carriers extensively. Her baby adapted to her life and she made steps towards him. Baby carriers served as “a bridge” between them. Kate has evolved into a caring and loving mum and her baby thrived.
I think of Kate and I see a mum full of “good energy”, positive and determined, a mum shining with love for motherhood!
Kate contacted me shortly after the workshop asking if she can purchase the sling. I was happy as somewhere deep inside I could feel that she is a kind of mum who gets a deep understanding of what babywearing is all about. Soon after birth Kate called and asked to come and give her a hand with the sling.

We arranged our first meeting at Kate’s home. I vividly remember her tender little boy laying in a baby basket on the kitchen high top table. I was impressed by Kate’s confidence despite having her first-born child. I think that sometimes it is a combination of confidence and inexperience that helps new mothers learn babywearing so easily. But first they have to believe in it.

A word from Kate

I was interested in the idea of babywearing as some of my friends recommended to me to test it out. At the same time I reilized that it is not coming naturally to all mothers and babies at it needs some persistence from me. I guess having a clear “why” inside me helped me to apply this persistence and find the way to help my little one to adapt to the baby wearing. Only after overcoming with the help of Veronika the learning curve of assembling sling, accommodating my little one there, I realized how beautifully it supports my life style, as I was able to travel, work, cook and meet with my friends and not feel social isolation which many first-time moms can experience.
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