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Questions you may ask

Most frequent questions and answers

Generally speaking you can start wearing your baby right from birth. Technically speaking – it depends on the carrier type. Most versatile carriers to be used right from birth are a ring sling and a wrap (woven or stretchy).

The answer is “it depends”. You can carry your baby as long as you are fine with it and the baby is fine with it too. It is important though that the carrier is used correctly and baby’s position is a safe one from physiological point of view.

There are many safe positions. Exact answer depends on the age of the baby, on your and your baby’s physical condition and on the type of the carrier you are planning to use. Your babywearing consultant will provide all the necessary guidance

Your babywearing consultant can help you choose the carrier which is most appropriate for your situation (considering baby age, planned use of the carrier, and other criteria). If needed she will contact the manufacturer of particular kind of sling to obtain additional information

It is possible, though very unlikely. There are a number of reasons why your baby may be fussy when carried in the sling, including being hot or cold, hungry or uncomfortable. Your babywearing consultant will help you identify the possible reason and will provide guidance on making an easy start.

Baby’s position in the sling should mimic the position we use when holding him in our arms, i.e. supporting the spine. Babywearing is therefore safe for the baby’s pine provided that the sling is used correctly.

Provided that the sling is tight enough it is extremely unlikely that the baby will fall out.

Baby can be worn up to any age, as long as there is a need to carry the child in your arms. Slings are made with a margin of safety and are usually used until baby reaches 3rd birthday. 

Sling with rings and sling-pocket can be worn on any shoulder. Shoulders are recommended to be alternated. If you are now wearing on your right shoulder, then the next time it is better to wear on the left. So better for your back.

At this age, the baby is solely breastfeeding. When feeding the baby, it is convenient to carry it in the cradle position. In a ring sling or a wrap you can wear your baby in a cradle or vertical position. The latter facilitates strengthening neck muscles and release of gas from the baby’s intestines.

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