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When it comes to choosing your sling, several things are important:
– are you a first time baby wearer or an experienced mum
– is your baby’s skin particularly prone to allergies
– your preference for size, color and design


For the ring sling fabric, a few qualities are especially valuable. Its softness against tender skin, smoothness and glide during threading and wrapping, sturdiness and fabric care.

Jacquard fabric is very fine and soft. It is complex weave where two or more colors of thread are woven in a pattern to give a colored pattern, often graphical in nature. It has an optimal diagonal stretch – so important for slings. This is why it is particularly eye-catching and looks like a garment. Our jacquard is also very easy to care for- it does not bleed or shrink. Thanks to its weaving type, it needs no ironing too. Due to its thinness and perfect glide, it is really easy to thread and adjust. That’s why we often recommend our jacquard slings to the first time mums.

Cotton is among the softest of the fibres available. Probably 90% or more of the clothes in your closet are made out of cotton. This is because it is comfortable and easy to care for, especially if you have a baby who likes to dribble or has a tendency to posset. The same properties hold true with a cotton ring sling.

Fabrics made from bamboo fibers prevent sweating and are 4 to 5 times more absorbent than cotton. They allow the skin to breathe, and absorb any excess moisture. Additionally, bamboo fabric is hypoallergenic, antibacterial, UV protective, and is amazingly soft to the touch. This fabric is also wrinkle resistant, so it’s very low maintenance.

Unbleached fabric is especially great for hypo allergic skin. All our unbleached slings are made from 100% cotton or bamboo fabric, share a soft creamy color and a wonderful hand made embroidery, which makes them particularly special.


Choosing the design of your sling is similar to choosing your every day clothes. It all depends on your personal preference for the color, design and fabric. We try to make sure that your have a wide selection of colors and designs, but your final choice is always unique. Even when we use the same fabric we make sure that each sling has a unique design. Jacquard slings are multi-colored and have beautiful 3-D pattern. Cotton slings are especially bright colored and each has a different hand made print. Shibory slings are hand dyed using eco-friendly dies. The results of dyeing are also one of a kind in terms of intensity of the color and a pattern. We have a special edition of embroided slings which are made from unbleached cotton or bamboo (especially good for babies prone to allergies). All embroidery is created by the skillful Cretan artists.


Anyone can wear any size sling, it just comes down to preference of the “tail” length. The tail is the fabric that dangles from the rings. Some prefer a long tail, while others find a long tail cumbersome. All our slings, apart from Jacquard edition, are made to medium size (approximately 2 meters long) which is almost always a preferred choice. Longer or shorter versions of our original slings can be made upon request (just send me a quick email and I will come back to you with the options).