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Kroshka slings are made from elegant, carefully chosen fabrics and each sling is unique! That’s because we’re using artistic prints or special dying techniques, such as japanese shibiori and the result is never the same. We aim to make the slings not just an essential baby product but an elegant part of your daily wardrobe while preserving their organic and baby safe qualities. All of our slings are hand sewed by Work-At-Home-Mums who appreciate and understand more than anyone the qualities and benefits of the product they are making.

The materials

A good baby sling must be woven lengthwise and crosswise. This ensures the right diagonal elasticity needed for knots to hold the baby snugly and distribute the weight evenly onto the parent. Kroshka slings are made from elegant, carefully chosen fabrics, which ensure safe babywearing and a feeling of confident elegance as a mother. Jacquard weave or organic cotton? Find out which may be right for you!

Jacquard weaving technique was developed especially to produce images on materials and is the most difficult, complicated and also expensive weaving technique. The excellent characteristics such as consistent stretchability in both diagonal directions and a good grip are supplemented by wonderful motifs that can be interwoven with jacquard slings. This fabric combines a nice print with the comfort of baby wearing. Our jacquard slings have a small synthetic content which adds to their sturdiness and doesn’t compromise their general qualifites.


Linen is a completely natural woven fabric made from the flax plant. Flax fibers are extremely durable and when woven into linen, become extremely strong. Linen holds up well over time. New Linen has a slight crispiness to it, but with time and use it becomes buttery soft.

Linen is highly recommended for children and adults due to its non-allergic features and great microclimate for skim, it is amazingly suitable for hot summer climates because of its cooling and refreshing effect. On the other hand, it has a warming effect in winter. Flax absorbs sudden temperature changes and has outstanding moisture absorbance. Linen also reduces radiation impact by half and protects from harmful ultraviolet.


Supremely comfortable for you and baby, free from chemical pesticides and eco friendly. Bamboo fabric has a higher tensile strength than cotton and is therefore stronger and lighter than cotton, and unlike cotton it maintains its memory. It is even more breathable than cotton. Also, it naturally regulates temperature so it’s ideal for both warm and cool weather.


Sturdy, woven and dyed in French Alps, all made of certified organic cotton, these fabric is awfully nice and provides getle support to the baby. Cotton fibres are natural and strong. The fabric is breathable and durable. Cotton slings are slightly thicker and heavier than the slings made from jacquard or linen. With that thickness comes lots of extra support and comfiness, allowing parents to wear their children at heavier weights and/or for longer periods of time. Cotton ring sling adapts to fit both the baby’s and the carrier’s body optimally.


Sturdy, lightweight aluminium rings were produced especially for making slings and were all tested on standards for child care products. We use different colors to brighten up your sling.

The techniques

You can pre-order a custom made sling which can include your preferred artistic theme as well as the baby name or a quote.
Just send me a quick message and I will email you back with the options.

The word shibori comes from the root word shiboru which means “to wring, squeeze, and press”. This technique has been used from many years ago to create a wide variety of patterns on fabric. Because it is done by hand, every finished piece is one of a kind. So, slight difference in each piece is to be expected and with all shibori dyed pieces, imperfection are what makes these pieces perfect. The results of our dyeing are simply stunning and will appeal to mums who prefer authentic look.

Our very special edition of slings are embroided with decorative motifs, such as geometric-based patterns and images borrowed from nature and everyday human activities. We use unbleached organic cotton to produce these slings. As a result – they are not only authentic and eye-catching, but also very gentle to your baby skin.


We choose suppliers holding certified organic (GOTS certificate). This means their fabrics are woven using non-GMO cotton or bamboo, which is grown without pesticides or insecticides. Organic cotton and bamboo farming uses two times less water than conventional farming too. Fabric dyes comply with European requirements. They do not contain heavy metals or formaldehyde, azo or other allergenic compounds.

When we dye unbleached fabric for our shibori collection, we use fiber-reactive dyes. Fibre-reactive dyes are low-impact synthetic dyes that directly bond with the garment fibres rather than merely remaining as an independent chemical entity within the fibre. A low-impact dye is a dye that has been classified by the OEKO-TEX Standard 100 (an international certification process) as eco-friendly.



The GOTS certificate (Global Organic Textil Standard) guarantees an environmental friendly product. The products have undertaken high level controls on environmental and social critiria during their manufacture and their marketing. At least 70 % of the fibers used must have a natural and biological origin. They must be processed in a location that respects the environmental critiria imposed by the certificate. They concern the use of toxic and dangerous products, waste treatment and manufacturing control.


OEAKO-TEX standard 100 is a control system and an independent certification for textile products. As a whole, their requirements are much greater than those of the current national laws. Their control takes into account: harmful substances banned and regulated by the law , as well as products that might be harmful but haven’t been regulated yet.