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Customer Questions

What do the ring sling sizes mean?

– Short (180 – 200cm)
– Medium (approx. 200cm)
– Long (220 – 225cm)

As a general rule I usually recommend that people purchase ring slings based on their t shirt size. Of course anyone can wear any size sling, it just comes down to preference of the “tail” length. The tail is the fabric that dangles from the rings. Some prefer a long tail, while others find a long tail cumbersome. Also keep in mind that some fabrics can shrink in size after first wash. We always include extra length to our final product, which will compensate the shrinkage.

What is the age/weight limit of the Kroshka slings?

Kroshka slings are suitable for babies from birth age up until around age 3. It is recommended for babies up to 18 kg. (consult your pediatrician for use with preemies). Be sure to follow all instructions and safety tips when wearing your baby in Kroshka sling.

Can I carry twins at the same time?

Baby Carrier Industry Standards which state that baby carriers should only be used for one infant at a time. We would therefore recommend wearing one baby at a time or having a second adult wear the second baby. It is still a great help to be able to wear one baby and have your hands free to tend to the other!

Is Kroshka sling comfortable for my back?

Yes. In a correctly worn ring sling, with your baby carried high, her weight is distributed evenly across your back and throughout your torso, rather than being focussed upon the shoulder muscles.The wide fabric can be spread over your shoulders to further distribute baby’s weight.

My baby doesn't seem to like being carried in a sling, what can I do?

Most babies love to be carried close, especially if they have been carried since birth, however if you feel a little apprehensive, it is likely your baby will too. Make sure you don’t feel rushed or anxious and begin using the sling only when your baby is tired, well fed and relaxed. Place your baby in the upright position with his head and or arms out of the sling until you feel he is relaxed. Check he is well supported and secure. Go for a little walk, dance or move if you can. Movement usually does the trick and as your baby relaxes, you might try to tuck more of his body in (if newborn) or just allow him to drift into sleep.

Whenever possible, let your baby continue to sleep in the sling as you go about your day. Repeat this process a few times and you will find your baby begins to settle quickly when placed in the sling, as he will associate the sling with positive, snug, protected feelings.