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This package is designed in 2 parts and would be ideal for parents of the small baby ready to start babywearing, but in need for support and encouragement.

First session is an hour long sling learning. It is a chance to understand physiology and psychology of of babywearing, to learn about babywearing safety, to discover the variety of slings and their characteristics and to decide on the options most suitable to your individual situation.

Second session is all about practice. You will understand the characteristics of your chosen carrier and will be introduced to the whole range of babywearing positions. You will get lots of practical tips and get plenty of practice with your baby, once you are ready. The session takes one to one hour and a half.

Both sessions are conducted via Skype.

After each session you will be contacted by your babywearing consultant – first with some information related to what has been covered during the consultation. Then with the regular follow-up on your progress and more useful advice. In the meantime, you are always welcome to send photos with you and your baby in the sling and ask any questions.

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User Avatar Veronica Togliatti

I am a mum of four and know the challenges motherhood brings to the new and experienced mums alike. Through babywearing I freed up my hands and learned to enjoy life as a mum. Thanks to babywearing I remember the days I spent with my babies with the gratitude and smile. I love helping mums transform their life into a very positive and fulfilling experience. One of my favorite parts of teaching babywearing is making it simple and easy. You can watch tens of videos. Only few of them will give you a good enough idea of using a particular baby carrier, but none will consider your life stile, your family situation, your body type and your individual preferences and needs. I love giving mums confidence that what they do is really best for their baby. More than 10 years of practicing and providing professional consultations have proved to me that you are stronger than you think and babywearing will have a huge positive impact on your and our baby’s life!

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