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About me

I am a mother of four wonderful children and faced all those difficulties which new and not so new mums usually encounter – not having enough energy, not enough time, not enough sleep, trying to keep everyone happy and stay sane, trying to keep up with the career and personal goals while aiming to be a perfect mum and a perfect wife. During those years I found that many problems can be solved through either change of the attitude or through some good practical solutions.

Baby ring sling was one of those little solutions, which had a huge impact on my and my babies’ wellbeing. Lots of things that were so frustrating or seemed impossible suddenly became realistic and even enjoyable. I tried different carriers and even though all of them had their own advantages I personally vote for the ring sling. Here is why:

– Ring slings are very easy to put on and off
– You can easily switch the positions in which you can carry your baby
– Ring slings take little space when folded (mine fits into a smallest compartment next to my car steering wheel)
– Ring slings are extremely versatile: use them as a changing mat, as a sun shade during road trips, as a cover during breast feeding, as a blanket, as a safety buckle on the high chair or on the swing, as an accessory to your daily outfit.

You can do almost any household chore while wearing your baby in a ring sling – mop and hoover, mow grass, cook, walk your dog and / or another two kids, breast-feed and excercise!

Ring sling helped me a lot during those colicky months. It helped me rock my babies to sleep while doing things around the house (collecting dishes off the dinner table, hanging or folding washed clothes) or walking outside. It helped not to disturb their sleep as I could gently put the baby down to bed without removing her from the sling.

In addition to its functional qualities, ring sling has always been my fashion statement. I carefully chose my sling. I always considered it to be a clothing item, a fashion statement, a statement of my attitude to motherhood, as my declaration of a mother who chose to live MY life WITH the baby and not life AFTER the baby!

Why ring sling?

Anyone who knows me, knows that I am a HUGE fan of babywearing. I’ve found it’s one of the best ways to bond with your baby, as well as be able to live life “as normal” while keeping your baby close. (Not to mention, one of the best ways to keep babies happy!). I cannot imagine making it through the baby years without the freedom slings provide. Once you’ve practiced the carries a bit, toting a baby with help from a sling feels much safer than carrying them without. You must, of course, address safety. Made of similar fabric as woven wraps, ring sling goes across your body and allows good position for even the smallest baby. Instead of wrapping and finishing with a knot, metal rings secure the carry. This carrier is relatively easy to learn, put on and off, and can serve bigger kids as well.

Why Kroshka?

Kroshka slings are a statement of an ATTITUDE TO MOTHERHOOD. They are UNIQUE, SIMPLE, CAREFULLY SEWED, VERSATILE & AFFORDABLE. Easy and quick to put on and off, Kroshka Slings are adjustable and light, carefully hand sewed by Work At Home Mums, they pack up small and can be handy in almost any situation. If you’re looking for one carrier to last you from birth until your child no longer wants to be carried, Kroshka sling is a fantastic option. From the tummy-to-tummy newborn position to the toddler-proof hip carry, Kroshka ring sling is a truly is a versatile carrier. Kroshka slings are simply unique because there is no one sling that is the same! At the same time, they are not overpriced like many organic or designer slings.